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Shertom Boarding Kennels where dogs have fun!

Shertom Boarding Kennels
P.O. Box 1039
Leander, TX 78646
Phone: 512-515-5494
E-mail: shertomkennels@sbcglobal.net

Don't forget to examine the Special Services and Rates page before filling in the form.
It will help with completing it.




First & Last Name:____________________________________________
E-mail Address:______________________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________________________

Pet's Name:__________________________________
Age:_____Years_____Months      Coat color:_________
   Note:if your pet is less than 1 year enter "0" for year.

Under 10 lbs -- 11 to 25 lbs -- 26 to 40 lbs -- 41 to 70 lbs -- 71 to 90 lbs -- Over 90 lbs
   Please Circle Appropriate Weight

Non-spayed Female -- Spayed Female -- Non-neutered Male -- Neutered Male
   Please Circle Appropriate sex
Pet Type: ____Dog  ____Cat

Vaccination Information
All pets must be current on vaccinations.
Proof is required from your Veterinarian.
Click here for other Boarding Requirements

Date Given--Rabies Vaccine.

Date Given--Distemper Vaccine.

Date Given--Bordetella Vaccine.

Veterinary Clinic's Name & Phone Number:

Does Your Pet need Medications? Yes No
Please Describe Med Name, Dosage Amount, & Times Per Day Needed Below If You Answered Yes Above.

Please tell us about your pet's FEEDING NEEDS:
Check one.
____Please Feed Shertom Kennel's House Diet
____We Will Bring Our Pet's Food From Home

Please tell us how many 8 oz. (kitchen cup measures) your pet eats per day.
1 Cup -- 2 Cups -- 3 Cups -- 4 Cups -- 5 Cups

Pet Owner Information and Boarding History

Has your pet boarded with us before? Yes No
Has any of the below information changed in the last 6 to 12 months or since your last visit? Yes No

First Name:_____________________________________________
Please give your name and spouse's (if married).
Last Name:__________________________________________
Street Address:________________________________________
State (i.e. TX etc.)______________________________________
Zip Code:____________________________________________
Daytime Phone (xxx) xxx-xxxx___________________________
Evening Phone (xxx) xxx-xxxx____________________________
Your e-mail address:___________________________@__________________
Enter valid e-mail address carefully/correctly so we can send confirmation on your reservation and verify reservation request.

Drop Offs and Pick Ups by Appointment ONLY!

You MUST Enter Arrival/Drop Off Date & Time AND Departure/Pick up Date & Time.

Arrival/Drop Off Date
__________________________xx:xx AM/PM
Arrival/ Drop Off Time

Departure/Pick Up Date
___________________________xx:xx AM/PM
Departure/Pick Up Time

If you are boarding more than one pet, please tell us how you want them accommodated. If you are boarding multiple pets, please fill out and submit a separate form for each pet.
=Select Desired Service =
____Only Boarding One Pet
____Boarding Two Pets Together
____Boarding Two Pets Separately
____Boarding Three or More Pets Together
____ Boarding Three or More Pets Separately


Request for Special Services

=Select Desired Service=
____Boarding ONLY
____Board W/ Groom
____Groom ONLY

=Select Grooming Options=
____No Bath or Grooming Desired
____ Bath ONLY
____ Bath and Brush
____Complete Groom-bath,dry,brush,nail trim
____Toe Nails ONLY

Please, Tell Us What Type Of Bedding You Desire For Your Pet Bedding Options
=Select Desired Bedding=
____Comfortable Blanket
____Raised Bed
____I will bring my own bedding

Make Your Pet's Stay With Us An Exciting Time!
Nature Walks/Swims
You can give your dog a country experience with the chance to meet up with a friendly grasshopper or talkative mocking bird. Your dog can go for a walk or run over our completely fenced 13 acres on leash or off as you request. For compatible dogs, group walks off leash are also available. For the dog that likes to get his feet wet or take an occasional dip in the pool, included on these walks is a pond for swimming. Give your special companion the adventure of a lifetime! Yes No

All kennel buildings have one acre play yards attached for supervised group fun or for individual dog playtime. Dogs will enjoy spending time running, playing and exploring.
____Yes I want my dog to enjoy playtime:
     ____Supervised group play      ____Individual play      ____Both Supervised group & individual play

Training Your dog can receive positive reinforced Obedience Training or learn a new skill and gain confidence through Agility Training. Training benefits all dogs and their owners. Training is available while boarding or by appointment.
____ NO, I'm not interested in training.
____YES, sign my dog up for Obedience Training.
____YES, sign my dog up for Agility Training.

Please Note:
Reservations are not guaranteed or confirmed until we contact you through e-mail or telephone.